On how men are mugs exploited by women

London 2012 Paralympics: Royal Engineer Captain Nick Beighton has been selected to lead the Paralympic rowing team at the London 2012 Games. Nick, who lost both his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in October 2009, will lead the team of eight rowers selected for the squad. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity isn't it?" Captain Beighton said. "The Olympics aren't going to come back to the UK while I'm competing and to think that two years ago I'd never have dreamed that this would be an opportunity is very exciting." 

Daryll Christopher says:

"There is no longer any Al Queda in Afghanistan, the guys are there to implement women's rights. There are very few women. I couldn't care less about women's rights, this is one guy who will not be fighting any wars.

When these mutilated, men are discharged, they have to queue up behind single mothers for housing, they have to fight for compensation, while some single mothers are raking in over £25k in benefits. They have to queue up behind women for government jobs because the government employs 85% women. Many prisoners, homeless people and mentally ill people are ex soldiers. Nothing is done for them, compare this to the very impressive programs for women. Only a fool would want to be a soldier.

It is only the men who do the dirty work. The women sit at home on their backsides and demand more and more women's rights. These guys are fighting to impose women's rights abroad, but at home they have very few rights. Some can't see their kids, some have been cleaned out in divorce settlements etc. How stupid can you be?
I pity the men who join. I respect them, but they are a disgrace to men.
Men are always championing the handful of women in the military, as if anybody would miss them if they were not there.
How many women have been killed on the frontline?

There are just a handful of women, they do not make difference, all the sacrifices are made by men.

They just sit on their backsides at home demanding women rights while men do all the dirty work.

A few women on the front line as medics will hardly win a war. They only amount to a handful, it is typical of the BBC to focus on a few medics, instead of the brave men who do the dirty work.

Typical to focus on the minute contribution that women make in the army, on that day, several men could have died, but all you remember are 4 women coming under fire, really amazing.

Since the country is run for the benefit of women, and the fact that there are more women than men, they should do make up the bulk of the army.

They should be the ones doing the fighting and killing.

The policy is that women should not serve on the front line. They make up over 50% of the population, according to you, there are 16% of women on the front line, I doubt that, but since they are raping the benefit system, the council houses, getting generous divorce settlements etc, why is it only 16%?

If men want to fight other men for women's rights, good luck to them. I want no part of it. I wouldn't fight another man for brownie points from women.

Straight men get no benefits from the system, yet they do they bulk of the fighting and dieing. I will pass. I am happy for the Lesbians to take over.

As long as men are happy to die and kill for no apparent reason, they will always be slaves.

Slaves to the government and slaves to women. Women are not queuing up to join the military. They are only interested in the easy, well paid, no risk attached government jobs where they can't be sacked. These macho men who go on foreign expeditions to kill other men, do so in vain, women and gays are in charge. When was the last time the government passed a law that benefited straight men, I can't remember either, case closed.

You can always spot a slave man from a mile away. They are always quick to praise the very insignificant contribution a woman makes, always finding reasons why women deliver a crap service in the NHS and Education sector, despite being very well paid, always willing to physically dismember another man to score brownie points with the girls, and they are always quick to label a man as a misogynist for legitimately criticizing women.

The women repay them by demanding even more women's rights, taking their jobs, sending them to fight wars to impose feminism on other men in their countries and consigning them to the back of every queue when they need to access a government service. It never occurs to a slave man that women claim that they want equality, but they do not seek equality in divorce settlements, child access, employment, dangerous work or joining the army, they also want the same pay for doing less work. 

The worse thing about a slave man, is that even after he has been cleaned out in a divorce settlement, prevented from seeing his kids, thrown out of his house etc, his #1 priority is to get another girlfriend/wife and repeat the process all over again. He is totally conditioned to put women first and totally owned by women and the government.

These poor men can't see the bigger picture, it never occurs to a slave man that women do not campaign for men's rights, nor do they offer men anything positive, they expect everything for nothing from men, while grabbing the little men have left, but the slaveman is eager to please and climb up the browning points chart, even if it consigns him to the bottom of the economic ladder, quite amazing."

I actually quite find it quite sexy when a man speaks his mind.


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