Female vicar says Christ was mad


Shit happens when you allow women to corrupt state religion.  

My Facbook friend Mark Barnes says:

"It's further worrying evidence that the Anglican church is a broken vessel; I have always been opposed to female clergy.

Theologically a Christian believes that Jesus is wholly God and wholly Man; he has two natures united in one hypostasis. Jesus' human nature is perfect and flawless; to suggest He possessed a mental aberration is utterly flawed from a theological perspective and contrary to Christian teaching as established by the early church councils including the Council of Ephesus in the fifth century AD. This is subscribed as doctrine by the Anglican church.

One has to wonder whether the individual concerned is ignorant of doctrine (unlikely) in which case such a person should not be a member of the clergy or wilfully heretical with a sinister agenda in which case she ought to be struck off (excommunication ought to be the immediate punishment).

It's just another example of the downward collapse of Protestant Christianity that erupted from the schism of the 'Reformation'. On the other hand it strengthens my personal belief in rejecting the Anglican communion."

It would probably be more satisfying to have her burnt at the stake for her blasphemy and heresy which are aggravated by the fact that this woman who says Christ was mad is herself a clergywoman.

Are feminists the Anti-Christ?


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