The Running Dogs of SSMs

They are therefore part of the problem.

What is the problem I refer to?  It is of course the problem of widespread illegitimacy.

What is the problem of widespread illegitimacy?

It causes degeneracy.

What is degeneracy?

It means that the next generation has lower standards of behaviour and education than the previous generation and has allowed the insertion of the thin end of the wedge that leads to the slippery slope.

It means that your society will become unstable, the fortunes of your nation and civilisation decline and fall.   Invaders will come to exploit and abuse you, and there will be nothing you can do.   In time, your race and your nation will come to be treated as pariahs and inferiors, slaves and degenerates, and the name of your race synonymous with racial inferiority.

While the people most responsible for this state of affairs are sluts who go on to become SSMs, there is another hidden problem to be contended with.

Let me list the categories of people who are part of the problem of widespread illegitimacy who are not themselves SSMs:

  1. men who have sired illegitimate offspring
  2. MOBFOBs  (Mothers of Bastard still living with Father of  their Bastard)
  3. FOBMOBs (Father of Bastard still living with Mother of their Bastard)
  4. parents of SSMs and parents of sons who have sired illegitimate offspring ie grandparents of illegitimate grandchildren
  5. those who refuse to denounce SSMs and their Running Dogs

Let us call of the above the Running Dogs of SSMs until and unless they admit publicly that what they did was wrong or a failure on their part.  

If any children of mine present me with illegitimate grandchildren they would know they will be disowned and disinherited.

Maggie Chapman of UKIP admits to having 4 illegitimate grandchildren.

I have admitted to having an affair with a married man.  

Which of us is morally more culpable?   She is.   Whatever I have done, I do not have illegitimate offspring and hope I will never have illegitimate grandchildren, particularly as I have made known that I would disinherit and disown any offspring of mine who presented me with illegitimate grandchildren. explains how to score a person's sexual morality.  Thus if you are a man with one illegitimate offspring your score is 1.  If you have 2 illegitimate offspring, your score is 2 etc.  If your legitimate offspring has 1 illegitimate grandchild, your score is 1.  If two score 2 etc.

I have asked a number of people whose message clearer: 

1.  Mine (which is "Do not be an SSM, and therefore do not have illegitimate children") 


2.  Maggie's ("It is OK to have 4 illegitimate grandchildren as long as your daughter is like mine.")

The poll revealed that the people who answered (dishonestly, I thought)  that Maggie's message was clearer than mine were 

  1. themselves illegitimate
  2. men who have illegitimate offspring
  3. grandparents of illegitimate grandchildren
  4. womanisers
  5. Mark Barnes of UKIP who is a coward and hypocrite who continues to refuse to answer the 3 questions I asked of him earlier at because he is afraid of offending Maggie Chapman who has 4 illegitimate grandchildren.  
  6. a rather dim woman so dim she thinks temporary cohabitation contracts would be a good thing for her, and she isn't even particularly attractive - in other words, a feminist and a liberal

They are therefore the enemy.  Do not single out only SSMs but notice also their running dogs, who are also part of the problem.  

Of course, the real culprit is the government made up of the political classes who are too hypocritical and cowardly to even attempt to guide the morals of the nation.


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