What the Republican Party should propose to win the 2012 election and disenfranchise most female voters

Why don’t we restrict votes to people who actually pay something into the system? No, I am not suggesting a return to property-based eligibility; although that system worked quite well when Parliament administered not just Britain but most of the world. Today, income would be a much better test, setting the bar as low as possible; perhaps including everyone who pays at least £100 of income tax each year.


This seems to be an excellent idea.  I suspect this would go down very well with the male American voter,  but I think the problem with this is that the Republican Party are probably too pussy to propose it, judging from the male-female ratio of the people below in charge of the party.

They really should be getting together with Grover Norquist and Ron Paul and say screw you to the Israel lobby.   Tell them the gentile American male is no longer cannon fodder for the tribes of Israel.  But they will not be able to get up the courage because they have submitted themselves to their women.

Such is the fallen state of the American manhood.






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