Why Britain suffers from autism more than it did before


  1. Because British women are so cheap they choose wasters, losers and weirdos to mate with.
  2. Because British women who make make irrational reproductive choices are rewarded with state largesse.  
  3. Because a degenerate and unproductive slut and bastard populace would naturally seek to perpetuate itself at the expense of the healthy and productive, unless something is done to stop it.   
  4. Because the degenerate government of a degenerate populace is so cowardly it dare not say boo to promiscuous and immoral women who make irrational reproductive choices for fear of alienating the female vote. 
  5. Because an emasculated and effeminate political class is too afraid of controversy to propose the narrowing of the franchise to exclude the unproductive and non-taxpaying from voting.  
  6. Because we live in a corrupted and demented matriarchy.  
The only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy.  


Anonymous said…
Please don't waste your time any more - nobody comments. You're obviously a bright person, please concentrate your efforts into something useful and worthwhile as I'm confident you will stumble upon something more fulfilling
Claire Khaw said…
There are enough comments and hits though to make it seem worthwhile.

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