What is Richard Ashcroft and bioethics for?

Inside the Ethics Committee presented by Joan Bakewell demonstrating how the matriarchy wastes your money on hopeless cases and pisses on the male taxpayer just because it can.

However, we were told that a tenner was every now and then given to them, so they can prettify themselves to better go about  infecting some punter with an STI.

Let them get knocked up and let them keep and neglect and kill their misbegotten babies.

And lash them 100 times for each misbegotten baby they have.

They should be seen to suffer to discourage the others.

What is bioethics? Shouldn't it be eugenics? What is the point of bioethics to the over-burdened taxpayer?  Does it serve any moral or practical purpose at all?

Richard Ashcroft at http://twitter.com/qmulbioethics# seems to think I am not worth engaging with simply because I was expelled from a nationalist party for daring to discuss eugenics.

Imagine the Big Bad BNP so fucking pussified that I was expelled just for saying I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby!  Does this mean that the rest of the country are just gagging to do so?  Apparently.  Or that they are too cowardly even to say so, for fear of giving offence to mothers who make shit reproductive choices and produce dud offspring they want to inflict on the rest of us.   Why are men afraid of women like that?  I  think it must be because feminism has killed off all the real men and only the ones who think like women with penis extensions AKA the metrosexual new men remain.  You can imagine the morals and integrity of a society like that then.

Presiding over this stinking mess are the matriarchs one of whom is Joan Bakewell.  She did actually mention eugenics in her programme and then lifted her skirts up and ran out of the room before anything happened.  Is this the kind of presenter presenting the kind of crap programme male taxpayers pay their licence fee for?

What is Richard Ashcroft for?  So people like Joan Bakewell can make their shitty pissy bloody bleeding heart programmes every week and mock the male taxpayer?

Mind you, Richard Ashcroft seems very good at sucking up to his female colleagues.  Secret of his success probably.  Yeah, but what is he FOR?

Does he just dream of increasingly stupid ways of wasting taxpayers' money?

Still if his female colleagues and the Matriarch Joan Bakewell (the unthinking man's crumpet, more like) like that sort of shit, he should do all right in academia.

Smug and handsome Richard Ashcroft of Bioethics - what is he for?


Anonymous said…
RE the crackwhores - wasn't Richard Ashcroft a musician who sang "The Drugs Don't Work" as part of The Verve?

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