Mrs Ahmed who murdered her daughter defiantly serene

A defiantly serene Mrs Ahmed

Not easy to be dignified and look down your nose at people when the cops get you bang to rights and are taking your mugshot at the cop shop, but Mrs Ahmed manages it.

Perhaps Mr and Mrs Ahmed honour-killed their daughter to save Britain from another Shirley Conran?

Perhaps they misread and thought it applied to daughters too?  


Anonymous said…
Oh yes, thanks for reminding me, Daily Mail, about "white girls".

"White girls" are whores for men of all colours to use as their sexual playthings.

So to be a "white male" is to be a male of the race that has whores for women. So "white males" are really worthless eunuchs and cuckolds.
Claire Khaw said…
It is perceived that white men have no sense of honour and no sense of shame. That is because their women can fuck whom they like without fear of the consequences.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."
The Bhagavad Gita

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