Sex Partner of SSM = SPOSSM

The Sex Partner of the SSM now to be known as SPOSSM is commonly supposed to be a paedophile.

If SSMs are to be stigmatised, then so should their partners, who are generally feared to be paedophiles.

It is this fear of paedophiles that evolved into the CRB check.  The CRB check is of course a tax on employment in order to protect SSMs and their illegitimate offspring from the attentions of the paedo SPOSSM.

I trust what I have said demonstrates how tolerating SSMs has now burdened the employer as well as the employee who has to pay for his own CRB checks.

If paedophiles are mosquitoes, then SSMs are pools of stagnant water.   It is now time for these stagnant pools of water to be filled up or drained.

The father of the illegitimate children whose mother he is still living with would be called FOBMOB (Father of Bastard Still Living With Mother of Bastard) while a never married mother who lives with the father of her illegitimate offspring is called MOBFOB (Mother of Bastard Still Living With Father of Bastard).   


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