Why did Michael Pedersen kill his children?

Michael Pedersen, the masculine Medea

Why did his wife divorce him?

One neighbour, who declined to be named, said of Mr Pedersen: ‘He had split up from his wife only around three weeks ago. She had a bit too much to drink and she kissed another bloke and Mick saw. 

‘He got a bit angry about it and the next thing you knew they had split up. I think that the police had some type of order out on him and he wasn’t allowed to go within 500 yards of the home. I’m not sure why.

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So now we know.


I understand what evil I am about to do 
but my wrath is stronger even than my thoughts, 
which is the cause of the greatest wrongs of humankind.

The best translation for these lines I have read were

"I know the evil I am about to do, but vengeance shall be the captain of my plans."

Medea killed her children to have her revenge on her husband whom she felt wronged her.   She knew she would not and could not expect justice from the people of Corinth, being a mere female and a foreigner whom they considered a mere barbarian.

Perhaps our laws should not mock quite so blatantly the pain of the wronged husband who has been dispossessed of his own home by an apparently unfaithful wife.

Or we will have more of this.

Perhaps in a 21st century production they could get a man to play the role of Medea since he won't be getting much justice in the UK Family Courts held in camera with reporting restrictions.

That would make a Greek tragedy modern and relevant to the suburban middle classes.  


The production premieres at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow on 2 October (previews from 27 September) before opening to London press at Watford Palace Theatre on 18 October (previews from 16 October) and then embarking on a UK tour to Northern Stage (30 October to 3 November), Sherman Cymru (6-10 November), Warwick Arts Centre (13-17 November), Richmond Theatre (20-24 November) and Exeter Northcott (28 November-1 December)


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