Feminists want to teach 11 year old children about porn in schools


Instead of learning about stuff they should be learning about, young people are having their time wasted on SHIT LIKE THIS.

International competitiveness of the British labour force, anyone?

Do you think these feminists who teach adolescent girls how to be sluts give a fuck about that?

Of course not. As long as they get a job telling 11 year olds about porn they are happy.

What are the men doing?

Their tongues are lolling out of their drooling mouths for their next blowjob, of course.

And the ones with jobs and wives and children are saying NOTHING.

Fuck them. Fuck them to fucking hell.

The entire white race deserves to die if they take this lying down, and it looks like they are.

Is any nationalist party saying anything about this? Nope. Complete SILENCE.


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