British feminist who stirred up religious hatred against Hindus and Buddhists libellously claims I sent her a death threat

nicky clark @mrsnickyclark
@AvaVidal @fp_em Heard of her blocked her had a "death threat" from her. :0(
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3:55 AM - 31 Oct 12 · explains why Mrs Nicky Clark hates me, especially after I pointed out that what she said would be very offensive to Hindus and Buddhists and would lay her open to the charge of stirring up religious hatred.  

Interestingly, she retaliates by libellously claiming to a Slut Single Mum comedienne that I have made a "death threat" against her.

To talk metaphorically about slaying Sacred Cows is a death threat, apparently, to her and her coterie of dishonest, self-dramatising and easily frightened feminists.  

It is even more amusing that Mrs Nicky Clark considers herself a Sacred Cow in the first place.  

Mrs Nicky Clark, preoccupied by disability, considers herself a Sacred Cow


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