The religion of the Matriarchy v The Religion of the Patriarchy

The religion of the Matriarchy consists of

  1. Sexual Liberal AKA Sexual Licence
  2. The Worship of Sluts
  3. The Tolerance of Slut Single Mums
  4. The promotion of Gay Marriage
  5. Higher Taxes
  6. More Laws
  7. the Desecration of Marriage as an Institution
  8. no-fault divorce
  9. the undermining of masculine authority
  10. the undermining of parental authority

The Religion of the Patriarchy consists of ... ?

Do I really need to tell you again what feminist liberal leftist socialist liberal scum have been doing to your civilisation?   

Man created God to protect him from Woman.   Only God and religion can save men from feminism now. 

Why is feminism so insidious?

Because feminism bribes men with cheap sex until all  he can think in terms of is the next fuck and next blowjob rather than the future, the long-term national interest and the next generation, and of honour, integrity and pride.   

Feminism makes men think and act like women too.   While real women know that any foreign invader will simply maintain them as they have been maintained before by their own men, the men of an invaded country will simply be killed or taken as slaves by foreign invaders.   

That is the difference then, between you and the ladies.   You won't be able to get away with being quasi-women forever, whingeing about paternity leave and the trials and tribulations of being a house-husband.

Do you think you might now like to start thinking about how you are going to challenge the matriarchy who have now taken over every important area of public life?   

Or will you use the fact that you have a job, a wife and children as an excuse to say nothing and do nothing? 

Then you are just useless degenerate scum who are really women with penises incapable of giving birth.  Such freaks of nature deserve only extermination.


Umslopogaas said…
Hi there.

Very interesting blog you have there.

To answer your question: there are men spreading the word, quite a few and ever more. To us it seems that no woman is listening. Many other men are willing compliants as well, of course, which is truly unfortunate. We call those collaborators "manginae".

That said: you must realize something. The fact remains that our generation has been massively brainwashed by the notions of "equality" and other hogwash. Male identity has been deconstructed. It should thus not come as a big surprise that men by and large are behaving like sheep - they have been programmed to do so.

My hope is that an ever worsening situation will compell them to wake the fuck up.

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