A waste of a woman's life. How many more like her?


What’s in a name?

  • I am named after a Shakespearean heroine who dressed up as a boy
  • I have 2 middle names – Frances and Rebecca
  • live in London with my saint-like other half but will soon be moving have recently movedto Switzerland
  • I’m about to live alone for the 1st time in my life I’ve lived on my own for nearly a year now  over two years  bloody ages and can’t ever imagine living with anyone else.
  • still don’t have any brothers or sisters
  • 2 other people have lived with my family (instead of their own) for one reason or another.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with gin and tonic, red wine, port and cheese
  • I started smoking when I was 13, I quit for a while but seem to have taken it up again.
  • I started drinking about the same time
  • My father is an orphan
  • He was one of the first people to be adopted in Ireland
  • My perfect threesome would be Mark Cueto and Ben Cohen … I don’t know, I change my mind with the wind and although the older I get, the less I think I’d be able to cope! I could be bothered
  • I have an un-natural obsession with crap cheesy pop and musicals
  • And am quite happy to admit I know most of the words to most songs
  • It annoys me when people try to sing along but don’t know the words
  • It’s become a rather odd habit of mine that I listen to the Les Mis soundtrack while walking home after a night out.
  • If I could live at any time period I would live in the late 1800′s and I would be very rich - actually, on second thoughts, I wouldn’t mind which time period I lived in as long as I was very rich!
  • I love flirting with people but sometimes I think I can go too far. Although, most of the time I’m not meaning to flirt at all.
  • It doesn’t matter if they are good looking or not
  • My biggest fear is the thought that people don’t want to be around me and talk to me. If it’s suggested that someone is talking to me against their will [ie, I am forcing them to talk to me and they're desperate to get away], I get stupidly upset.
  • I hate letting people down
  • But I sometimes do it
  • I always complain I am getting old even though I am under 30
  • I hate the fact that my parents must know I am not a virgin anymore (virgin’ on the ridiculous)
  • I can translate latin given enough time
  • I have known some people from the internet longer than I have known some of my closest friends
  • I can be a complete bitch if I want and I don’t care who knows it
  • I could speak Husa (Nigerian dialect) before I could speak English
  • I then moved onto Spanish when I was 2 1/2 and my English was rudimentary
  • I now have a degree in English and can’t speak languages to save my life
  • I don’t really have any deep dark secrets
  • play used to play rugby
  • That does not make me a lesbian
  • Sometimes I worry about nothing, just for the sake of worrying
  • I am not a career woman – never have been although I’m starting to think now that I’m in Switzerland, I have no choice but to become one of those unmarried 40 year old women who live for their careers. That, or a cougar. Or a mad cat woman.
  • I can’t wait to be able to settle down in a nice house in the countryside
  • Now things have changed I wonder whether I’ll ever achieve this dream. I genuinely have given up on the thought of ever being married.
  • Despite everything that happened, I still don’t understand what N sees saw in me
  • I’m getting old before my time – sometimes I’d rather stay at home with a good film and a glass of wine, rather than go out with my friends
  • I want to be popular but I don’t think I am
  • I’m very argumentative when I’m drunk
  • When people ask me about the move and ask whether I’m scared or excited, I don’t know what to say because I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I just say “both”. Now I’m here, I realise that actually, “both” is true.
This woman seems intelligent and good-natured enough, but she is a slut.   Any old fuck buddy from her university days can send her a text after a casual meeting asking "Fancy a fuck?" and she will say yes.   
The terrible tragedy of it all is that a woman like this was once a friend of mine.  She did get lucky and managed to get married though her gonorrhea had made her sterile .  Frances Rebecca will probably never grow up and will drink more and more gin as she gets older.  Her friends will laugh with her and perhaps sometimes at her as she gets older and drunker and acquires more cats.   

AWOT (Awesome Women on Twitter) were not serious about free speech, so perhaps they are not serious about gin and cake either.  Let's hope so anyway, for the sake of the sisterhood!

She tells herself she does not care for children, but perhaps most of us cannot bear children if they are not our own.  If she did have offspring she would surely feel the whole gamut of all the sublime maternal emotions, but this state of married motherhood is now only the privilege of a select few in the matriarchal West. 
She is not completely stupid as she managed to get a degree in English at a good university and even learnt Latin at her private school, but perhaps, if she had managed to find a husband at the appropriate time and become a mother she could have passed her genes on.  Sadly, for her and the next generation, it sounds like she already has a drink problem.   It will probably not get better for her the way things are going.   
She is yet another victim of feminism - yet another tragic unwitting victim.  This must stop before more lives are wasted.  The Aztecs practised human sacrifice, but surely what we do now is a form of human sacrifice too?
Let us have fewer women called Frances and Rebecca take to gin and mother's ruin.  Let us have more women called Frances and Rebecca married with children.


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