Frightened British men dig their own graves while the matriarchy consolidates its power over the Savile affair

The blogger Steve Moxon was very interesting about how most heterosexual men would find adolescent girls under the age of consent sexually attractive.

"If you showed photos of average girls ages fifteen or fourteen to the average man and did not label them with the girls' ages, then all normal men would find them attractive and would react sexually. [This can be measured physiologically, so there is no need to rely on possibly dishonest verbal responses.]"

The point is that men are programmed to find females at the height of their fertility attractive.

The point is that men cannot say NO to no-strings sex.

The modus operandi of the matriarchy is to seduce men into accepting sex, and then punish them for accepting.

The only way to control this rather one-sided fight in favour of women is for men to say that it is not OK to be a Slut Single Mum.

In case you men still don't get it, what is happening now over the Savile affair is a witch hunt. This is the matriarchy consolidating its power.

Dead and retired old male celebs are being done over.

Once that happens the younger male celebs will start getting done over too.

Too bad there are so many young men prepared to collude with it to vent their outrage at these accused men because they are perceived to be so evil the moment they are accused that they do not deserve a fair trial.

Anyone who asserts this principle on behalf of all who are accused of paedophilia is automatically accused of being a supporter of paedophiles, as I have found at

The lower classes like venting about paedos because they already know they are lower than immigrants, and want someone lower than themselves to kick around.

Who is a paedo? Anyone who has had sex with anyone under 16.

And we know what sluts these fatherless schoolgirls brought up by their SSMs are these days, don't we?

When young men start getting old they will join the category of becoming a potential paedo too.

When that happens no one will care what happens to them any more.

Their mothers will be dead, their wives will have divorced them, and they will have lost touch with their children.

This the future, guys.

No alpha male is going to be seen to be defending paedos by standing up for their right to be treated as innocent TILL PROVEN GUILTY, after a fair trial.

Nobody has noticed that what Savile is being subjected to is trial by media in the Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion. That is not a fair trial, by the way, and Public Opinion is a strong but gullible monster.

If they cannot give Jimmy Savile a fair trial when he was alive, then he will be given an unfair trial when he is dead.   That is what the matriarchy has done to this long-established principle of British justice, while even senior male lawyers fear to point this out.

And when he is convicted, the BBC must pay.

Who funds the BBC?  Anyone in Britain who owns a TV.

These imbecilic male licence fee payers are busily piling up their own funeral pyre.

Don't expect any man in any political party to defend the beta male.

Not Cameron, not Clegg, not Miliband.

Not Farage, not Griffin nor anyone else in the even smaller and even more useless parties.

The closest the beta male has to someone that behaves like an alpha male and is prepared to defend him is ME.

But you all think I am mad, don't you?

Mad or the wrong race or the wrong sex.

And so, almost without exception, you think you should join the hysterical denunciation of Savile and others associated with him, so that you are not seen to be siding with the paedos.

But you are just digging your own graves and setting yourselves up to be even more emasculated, even more despised and even more likely to be accused of being a paedo the next time you say or do anything a woman or a child might find offensive and irritating.

Pity the men of Matriarchal Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  If they think they are already oppressed, they ain't seen nothing yet.


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