Charlotte Church is Celebrity SSM of the Week

Charlotte Church is an SSM.

"Like" this Facebook page if you think Charlotte Church should be showing a better example than she is, thereby encouraging women to join her slutty footsteps, spreading illegitimacy like a muck-spreader.   Widespread illegitimacy is of course the cause of widespread degeneracy.

You must have noticed how stupid the British are getting these days.  Movies like Dumb and Dumber and Idiocracy demonstrate this "progressive" degeneracy perfectly.  (Yes, I know these movies were American, but the entire Western world - the Lands of Compulsory Fornication - are stuffed with sluts and bastards now.  That is why it is now like a turd that is already in the toilet but won't flush away.)

Marriage is eugenic while feminism, which encourages and condones female promiscuity, is anti-eugenic.

The causes of Western malaise can be laid at the door of the feminists, who have made it a point to shit and piss on the institution of marriage, for decades.

Slay the Sacred Cow of Feminism so that Western civilisation can be rescued from the degeneracy of the Matriarchy!

Feminism is the ideology of selfish women who will cling to their privileges at any price, even if it is against the long-term national interest.   You see, these women are not very good about grasping abstract ideas, unlike me.   The trouble is, they have turned everyone else, including the men, into themselves.

All you need to know is that SSMs are bad for Britain, bad for America, bad for Canada, bad for Australia, bad for New Zealand, and bad for Western civilisation as whole.

Feminism causes Slut Single Mums, and Slut Single Mums love sex and shopping, which causes Global Warming.


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