Feminist guilt about female promiscuity and foetus-killing?

Cut abortion limit says new Women's Minister: 'Modern feminist' Miller wants 20 weeks not 24

  • Women's Minister Mrs Miller said medical advances means premature babies can be saved
  • Calls for reduction echoed by backbench Tory MP Nadine Dorries who proposed bill in 2008

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I am neutral on abortion, in case anyone's interested.  Why force a woman to have a baby if she does not want to have it, however many weeks into her pregnancy she is?

Why punish the mother and make the child have a horrible life of being some misbegotten bastard of a slut drug-addicted heroin whore?

Let's face it: women have abortions to avoid themselves having to commit infanticide later.

Men and women who want to punish these women simply want to punish them for their promiscuity, by forcing them to have the child, in order that they will be inconvenienced and shamed.   

Some, like Mark Barnes of UKIP, even want to sterilise women who want abortions.  

It seems to me to be unnecessarily vengeful and vindictive to punish the mother through the child.  Allowing these children to be born would not exactly raise the quality of the national gene pool either.   

But how about this as an idea?

Why don't we treat infanticide as legal if committed by either parent of the infant or by their proxy the midwife?

The advantages of this proposal are:

  1. No abortions on the NHS ie the taxpayer.  
  2. Infanticide is in a way more "sporting", because many mothers fall in love with their babies at first sight.   
  3. The enormity of having to commit infanticide may just focus the mind of the promiscuous female about her immorality every time she spreads her legs for some sad loser she would never dream of marrying or who would never dream of marrying her, who might knock her up.
  4. No intrusive medical procedures to test older mothers for foetal abnormality that would ruin their pregnancies.
  5. More jobs for the girls because home births would once again become the rule rather than the exception.  (It is of course envisaged that the midwife will dispose of any unwanted unviable disabled deformed baby born that its parents reject.)

Now what is so wrong with this modest proposal?


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