British feminist implies Hinduism and Buddhism "obscene", "offensive" and "extremist"

Mrs Nicky Clark as she calls herself on Twitter then persuades a homosexual, Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Society, an organisation known to be atheist militants, to say this view - that disability can be God's punishment - is "immoral".

Mrs Nicky Clark who suggests that a belief in Karma or God is "obscene",  "offensive" and "extremist"

All the Abrahamic faiths are fundamentally "sexist" and "homophobic". That is why Andrew Copson and his ilk want to destroy and suppress religion.

Is there now an underlying assumption that homosexuals and women who make bad reproductive choices, who choose badly their sex partners, whose mothering is suspect, and whose offspring are not quite what they ought to be, are more moral than people with religious faith?


Karma is not something Mrs Nicky Clark has heard of, apparently.

It is karma - the ancient idea of cause and effect common to both Hinduism and Buddhism - that this particular Catholic woman who had an abortion was probably thinking about, when she saw her disabled offspring as God's punishment for her having had an abortion.

Mrs Nicky Clark wished to punish this woman for offending her, of course, and implying that her having two autistic daughters could be God's punishment of her.

It might not be God's punishment at all, it may be because Mrs Nicky Clark is a bad and neurotic mother who wanted her daughters diagnosed as autistic so she can get extra attention and extra respect, perhaps.   Sometimes, we do not have to wait until the next life for our punishments to kick in.

With typical Western chauvinism, she pronounces the faith of Hindus, Buddhists and Jains as "obscene", "offensive" and gets her homo friend to add "immoral".

Because she has two mentally disabled daughters, she is now bent on preventing anyone from criticising anyone of disability.   Who does she think she is?  The Queen of England?  Clearly.  The matriarchy has now gone mad with arrogance, I would venture to say.

If she and women like her have now become Sacred Cows in Britain, one must wonder if it is now finally time to propose that they be slain.

What is the point of deifying women who make bad reproductive choices by having illegitimate and disabled offspring?  Why are these women now apparently beyond criticism?  What purpose does it serve?  Surely it is not in the long term national interest to allow this state of affairs to continue indefinitely?

This woman has also incited religious hatred, it would appear.

29AMeaning of “religious hatred”
In this Part “religious hatred” means hatred against a group of persons defined by reference to religious belief or lack of religious belief.

To describe someone's beliefs as "extremist", "offensive", "obscene" surely stirs up religious hatred.

29CPublishing or distributing written material
(1)A person who publishes or distributes written material which is threatening is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.
(2)References in this Part to the publication or distribution of written material are to its publication or distribution to the public or a section of the public.

I think it is certainly arguable that many Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Christians, Muslims and right-thinking members of society, even those with no religious faith, would find the idea of Mrs Nicky Clark and her cronies such as Andrew Copson, who was singly parented by his single mum, being the moral arbiters of the nation very threatening indeed.



nicky clark @mrsnickyclark
@Kloseali Is that a death threat against me?
Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite
12:27 PM - 16 Oct 12 · Details

[Not quite sure why Mrs Nicky Clark thinks I have made a death threat.   Perhaps she is referring to my reference to Sacred Cows?  It is just a metaphor, darlings, a figure of speech.  I was not talking of slaying Mrs Nicky Clark but of questioning and challenging feminism.  Dear oh dear.  I cannot even use a metaphor without being accused of making death threats.  What is the world coming to?  I am sure gentlemen would not be quite so easily alarmed when you are having an honest debate with them!  Ladies, it seems, are quite a different kettle of fish.   If you ladies cannot take the heat of debate without screaming blue murder at the drop of a metaphorical hat, then kindly return to the kitchen!]

nicky clark @mrsnickyclark
@CathElliott @Kloseali I need to report that yes?
12:31 PM - 16 Oct 12

CathElliott @CathElliott
@mrsnickyclark @Kloseali I think so yes. Could v easily be read as incitement.
12:33 PM - 16 Oct 12

[Really, ladies?  What have I been inciting exactly?]

nicky clark @mrsnickyclark
I've seen a lot of vitriol on here but that was something else. Terrorising to silence someone just because you don't agree.
1:18 PM - 16 Oct 12

[A bit of projection there, surely, ladies?  Whom have I terrorised into silence?  At least I do not get my followers to gang up on someone and mass report them until they fall off their perch on Twitter!]

Fiona @MrsBorderreiver
@mrsnickyclark I hope you've reported it. That was ugly in the extreme x
1:19 PM - 16 Oct 12

Julie Ann Freke
@mrsnickyclark Tried to read that horrible blog post about you, couldn't get through it. I hope you're all right. 100% behind you on this.
1:23 PM - 16 Oct 12 ·

[Why on earth shouldn't Mrs Nicky Clark be all right??  I haven't exactly attacked her with a bludgeon, have I, as she and her followers have been trying to suggest?  The Truth is all I shall bludgeon Mrs Nicky Clark and her silly girly friends with.  What horrible awful women they are for trying to suggest I am some sort of death threatening cow-killing psychopath!  Grow up, ladies!]

Alexa Wilson ‏@AlexaDWilson
@mrsnickyclark Just caught up with that vile blog. You have reported it, haven't you? Much love & hugs xxxx
1:25 PM - 16 Oct 12


Robert the Biker said…
Considering these harridans thought they'd been 'terrorised into silence', they certainly went on in a less than silent manner afterwards.

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