IVF for gay and lesbian couples - another sign of matriarchal DEMENTIA


The upper age at which women should receive IVF on the NHS is being increased from 39 to 40-42. The chief executive of Nice, Sir Andrew Dillon, and Justine Bold, a woman who's spent more than £33,000 on fertility treatment at 43, debate the changes.


It seems that our matriarchal government has now taken to saying it is going to make more generous provision for the unproductive and unnecessary even when everyone knows there is no money in the kitty.   Is that madness or is that insanity?  Is that lunacy or is that dementia?

It is of course always the spoilt WOMEN who whinge about this sort of thing, and what they want they must have.

They now want LESBIANS to have IVF treatment, at the expense of the male taxpayer!  And the male taxpayer is taking it like a lamb, because his brains have turned to shit, his guts to piss and his balls to mince after being fucked by feminism after so many decades.


If you can't breed, then you shouldn't and no one else should be made to pay for your  fucking fertility treatment.

Is it not time to call time on Feminism?

Is it not time to call the cops on this Sacred Cow that is eating the British out of house and home and covering their carpets with its cowpats?

Is it not time to tell FEMINISM TO FUCK OFF???

Let's face it, feminism is anti-eugenic.  Its very existence makes any race degenerate with its obsession for sex and shopping, turning men into women, turning women into slut single mums, and turning your civilisation into SHIT.

Can you imagine what kind of offspring these fertility challenged gay and lesbian couples are going to produce and how they are going to bring them up?  Can you?

You won't read this proposal in any of the pussified nationalist websites, mate.  You read it HERE, FIRST.

And that is why I presume to lead the civic nationalist party that will leave the BNP and UKIP in its wake, after poaching all their best members ....

You, as an activist, will of course have far far far better working conditions than in either BNP or UKIP and be part of the anti-feminist COUNTER REVOLUTION that will return Britain to rationally small government, after we have told feminism to fuck off.


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