Britons prevented from learning more about self defence by women MPs

Controversial: The methods Tim Larkin (right) uses are seen here as he shows how to deal with an attacker who attacks from behind

Full-force: In a flash Mr Larkin takes control of the situation and disarms his attacker

Trust a fucking woman Home Secretary to turn this man away on the advice of other WOMEN MPs

Look at that photo about how he disarms a man behind him who is a pointing a gun at his head. That one is easy. You can turn round and take a swing at him faster than he can pull the trigger, AND YOU KNOW IT. Too bad you are all to PUSSY to try that move.

Then you push the fucker's face into your knee, of course.  While he is clutching his probably broken nose you can disable him some more.   

What is WRONG with these women who run our stinking matriarchy?  Do they want us all to be robbed, burgled and raped?   WHY won't they even let us defend ourselves when we know how useless the police are?

Why do these women wish us so much harm?


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