Fat is a Feminist Issue and Feminists don't want you to call them or their children fat

Fat and Fatter

Since when did the British think principles of free speech should be spared so stupid ugly fat women can be left to indulge their deadly sin of Gluttony uncriticised?  Since the matriarchy, ladies and gentlemen.  Is it not time that the matriarchy is overthrown, before FATSO PAEDO BASTARD BRITAIN SLUTLAND becomes even  more of an international laughing stock?

Should calling someone "fat" be made illegal because SHIT British mothers who overfeed their children don't want to be criticised or have their children criticised?

Why don't we find the mother with the fattest, most promiscuous daughter who gave her the most variously-fathered feral bastard grandchildren in the UK and make her Queen instead?

After all, these women are the real Sacred Cows who eat the British taxpayer out of house and home and leave their cowpats all over their nice carpet.  

Why don't the British make their dementia and humiliation official and public, once and for all?  I am sure the Americans will be quite happy to adopt our Queen and give her and her descendants a good home in their country.

Yeah, let's abolish the monarchy and really really make the rest of the world look up to the British who live in the Matriarchal Heaven that is Fatso Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Jo Swinson, a woman MP (It is always a female MP who wants more laws, have you noticed?) wants to restrict further the free speech of men, and male MPs, like the feminised useless fuckers they now are will vote for it like the useless limp-dicked buggered fucks they are, I imagine.

Jo Swinson  the LibDem MP

This woman wants to restrict further the free speech of British men in favour of SHIT British mothers who  over-feed their usually illegitimate children and bring them up so badly that no British employer would want to hire these obese, illiterate, innumerate, pregnant and paedo people as employees.  Instead, British businesses will beg the government to bring in more immigrant labour.  The descendants of immigrant labour will of course become sex predators preying on the slut offspring of slut mothers to set off another cycle of panic, bastard-breeding at public expense and liberal hand-wringing.  Female politicians like her do not care about the future of the nation, only the cultivation of victimhood, entitlement, sin and gluttony which she and her disgusting party will milk for votes.  These women are evil, immoral and beyond criticism even as they  bring the West into hatred, ridicule and contempt.

Probably, sad emasculated pussywhipped Western men will no longer have the courage to tell FEMINISM TO FUCK OFF because they have already turned into women.

They have probably cut off their dick, cooked it and served it to the feminists for tea, because that is what British "men" are like these days.


"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.  The Bhagavad Gita


Adolfo said…
Shit! And she continues getting weight, ain’t she? She should try Diet Coke or something.

My mother was in the kitchen, sit, arms crossed, staring. I downed the stairs and walked into the kitchen. It was 9:00 am, too late for the schedule we had at home. I went to bed very late the night before (I don’t remember the reason) and that’s why I had just got up. However, I was in my summer vacations, so it wasn’t a big deal. The very moment I got into the kitchen she looked at me:

-You know? I’m worry... I’m very worried for you and your two brothers, my son.
-What is it, mom?
-Women these days are useless. Today, the only thing a woman knows to do is how to give up her ass to the first thug she runs into and nothing else. No cooking, no cleaning, no nothing!*
-AAAND?! (she got a little pissed off) And only God knows the kind of fat, nagging, scowling, useless, horrendous, slut bitches you and your two brothers are going to end up married to… May the Lord help you to find a good wife, my son. A woman of wifely traits and high morals!
-Easy, easy, mom… Take it easy! My father has lectured me on women… What did you cook for breakfast, anyway? I don’t have time for talking. I have to hurry up because I am going to…
-YOUR FATHER???!!! (really pissed off) Your father is a Communist… And so are you! What does he know about women, anyway? Good God!... Now, come on, come over here… (grabbing my right arm and pulling me to the stove). Get that pan and that large spoon. I am going to teach how to fix your own breakfast.

Transcription of the candid conversation I had with my mother when I was 15. That summer she also taught how to fix a pasta and two or three Mexican dishes. I guess she did it because she thought my future wife wouldn’t know how to cook and I would end up ordering pizza everyday for dinner, gaining and gaining weight in the process.

*She had spent some days depressed by the divorce of one of my older cousins. The whole family blamed his useless wife. So, I figured out what she was talking about.

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