To return to rationally small government destroy feminism and reinstate family values

Feminism will never let men wean themselves off the welfare state.

Feminism wants to breast-feed the man she has infantilised, masturbate him and change his soild nappies until Western civilisation dies and rots.

How can feminism be defeated? Through the reintroduction of family values which would enable a rationally small state to exist.

How can family values be reintroduced?


Which religion is strong enough to defeat feminism?  Not Christianity, which is the religion of slaves and women.  In any case the Church of England is now hopelessly emasculated, infiltrated by women, gay priests, leftist clergy, liberals and third rate minds incapable of discussing morality intelligibly, who do not see it as their role to safeguard the morals of the British nation, and who in any case only associate morality with relativism and tolerance of evil and the celebration of sexual liberation, especially female promiscuity.

It is they who tolerate all that is evil and shower their compassion on the criminal, the hopeless cases and the undeserving at the expense of the normal and healthy.  

There remains only one religion left.  Yes, the cure to feminism would appear to worse than the disease.  But is it really?  Can anything else be worse than the degradation and dementia that always accompanies feminism, the ideology that tolerates Slut Single Mums and makes men in the political establishment afraid of them, because so many of them now have the vote?


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