Dumb and Dumber

This generation is DEGENERATE because of its slut and bastard ancestry.

What is degeneracy? Being stupider, weaker and poorer than your parents, and emotionally less robust as well as more criminal.

There was a reason why they stoned SSMs to death in Old Testament times.

What causes degeneracy? The female choosing the father of her children in a way that causes degeneracy. Most white females will fuck anyone. When they get knocked up, the men are too afraid to criticise their morals, because most men want their sex with sluts cheap and easy.

To criticise sluts means you won't get any sex from them.

These sluts then bring up their illegitimate offspring badly, making them useless and unproductive, criminal, neurotic and morbidly obese, getting fat, ugly, bad and big from the taxes you pay.

This means the bastard offspring of sluts are unfit to join the labour force necessitating the need for immigrant labour.

It is FEMINISM, gentlemen, that is responsible for the decline and fall of Western civilisation.

It is FEMINISM that brought all those Muslims and pesky foreigners into your country because the white working classes are no longer fit for purpose.

SSMs are bad mothers whose offspring are mostly feral and criminal, dragging down the standards of behaviour and education in schools.

Criticising Muslims and foreigners is the equivalent of attacking the symptom but ignoring the cause. The cause is CHEAP SLUT SEX which you men are addicted to.

Your addiction to CHEAP SLUT SEX means that the SLUT SINGLE MUM who provides CHEAP SLUT SEX is suffered to squat over you and urinate and defecate on you and your civilisation ...

If you decide to put up with it because of your addiction to CHEAP SLUT SEX, you and your civilisation should die anyway, in the Darwinian scheme of things.

Only the fittest survive, and only those who can change course as necessary when they see disaster looming deserve to survive.  A race whose men who have no pride and feel no shame in being addicted to CHEAP SLUT SEX do not deserve to survive.


Zennmaster said…
Your argument is flawed on so many levels that I find it hard to find a starting point. I am presuming you are talking about women who are on the dole and have made questionable decisions which affect their life, their offsprings and the society they live and this is ALL attributed to feminism. I hope I am getting the gist of your argument correctly, because if this is what you are suggesting then clearly you do not fully understand what feminism is supposed to mean, in its core. I refer to the core idea mostly because feminism just like as every other decent concept has undergone its own set of interpretations and forms of expression. Some are constructive to the cause and some are the exact opposite. Feminism, and this is my understanding of the idea is that a woman should not be asked to do something if the same thing a man is not expected to do it. The prime argument about women offering sex (cheap or otherwise) and men being addicted to it is how do I say, bit inarticulate in its nature. Yes! It seems that promiscuity is on the rise. There is no denying it. But I don't know if it has increased from what it was in the past or if it has decreased. Also, your 'anger' seems to be directed at women who seem to have mothered a child but no responsibility being attributed to men. Also, you don't seem to have shared your views on what you think about women who chose to have an active sex life but also choose to decide whether they feel the need to have the baby or abort it. Don't you think people who follow the catholic church feel compelled to carry on with their 'accidental'/'unplanned' pregnancy primarily because the church doesn't advocate abortion? There are a LOT of things wrong which leads to LOT of things going further down south. Largely attributing the dysfunction to single mums is bit premature. Like I said before, there were just so many things I wanted to say and explain but I am just all over the place.
Claire Khaw said…
Feminism asserts the principle of gender equality. This means women have the right to be as promiscuous as men.

If you have ever wondered why other societies find female promiscuity DISGUSTING, you only have to look at what it has done to your civilisation.

Women should take more care because they are the ones left holding the baby.

Every bastard born is half full full of Slut Single Mum genes.

All sluts are by definition STUPID.

They will bring up their feral bastards badly and cause the next generation to be even more slut and bastard if they are not stopped dead in their tracks.

Do you get the connection now, about how and why we are getting dumb and dumber?

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