The death of your civilisation is the consequence of over-indulgence in extramarital sex

Let's face it: there is a lot of pre-existing gender resentment anyway. Unjust laws exacerbate current resentments. Men are only after The One Thing. White women are infamously cheap. White men are afraid of criticising white women because they fear that doing so will make it harder for them to get sex from white women so they shut up, but continue hating their women.

The only thing that might make you not hate members of the opposite sex is to have an intimate relationship with one of them whom you love. But, because the white race is declining even white men don't want to have that much to do with white women, and vice versa.

White men prefer foreign women. White women prefer foreign men.

White men might attract more female attention if they had a bit more money. White women might attract more decent men if they had a reputation which is more than being OK with casual sex.

Sex and death are known to be linked. Over-indulgence in extramarital sex leads to the death of your society, race and civilisation.

That is why lust is called a DEADLY sin in the Bible that white people no longer read.

Those who ignore the painful lessons of history will be forced to relearn them.


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