The simple solution to the problem of sex predators of all races

Ask yourselves if white girls are easy meat. If the answer is yes, then you would see that sex predators OF ANY RACE would target white girls.

It is WHITE AND BLACK girls who are easy meat, actually, especially the ones who are mothered by an SSM (ie a NEVER MARRIED MOTHER), which is becoming increasingly common because there are so many of them with the vote now..

Why do white men not do or say anything about it? Cos they are PUSSIES. Even the big bad BNP is too afraid to criticise the morals of white women.

So of course the Asians in Britain treat the white race with contempt. What do you expect if your women are known to be the easiest meat of all the races of women in the whole wide world?

And what are you going to do about it? Whinge more loudly about the Muslims or start criticising the morals of your women?

Which is the more likely option if you are a race of PUSSIES?

You are just going to whinge more loudly about immigration and everyone will continue ignoring you.

Asian men don't prey on Asian girls because these girls have FATHERS and stay at home MOTHERS who care where their daughters are, unlike vulnerable white girls abandoned by their inadequate slut mothers to negligent care homes who let these girls roam the streets.  No white male mainstream journalist dares to criticise these inadequate slut mothers because they are pussywhipped SCUM, who have probably knocked up a few SSMs and sired a few BASTARDS of their own.

THE SIMPLE SOLUTION: legalise brothels.  That would not make sex suddenly unaffordable for most men who cannot afford to take a wife.  Just imagine if it were legal to discriminate on grounds of gender in the field of employment and there was no longer a welfare state.   The Slut Single Mums would end up working in brothels, and there are quite a few of them knocking around to make the supply of no-strings sex cheap and plentiful.

But the feminists would NEVER allow that, because sex is a commodity that they want to control.

And the men would be too PUSSY to challenge the rotten demented matriarchy that prevents them from being men.

Nick Griffin, the current leader of the British National Party - a party that is supposedly promoting the interests of the white race - cannot bring himself to challenge feminism because he is too much of a pussy too.

What is feminism?  It is the Death Cult that worships the indulgence of extramarital sex and the Slut Single Mum.  It is the Death Cult that turns men into the slaves of Slut Single Mums, after it has turned their brains into shit, their guts into piss and their balls into mince.

Look and listen to him whinge about these nasty horrible evil Muslim sex predators while being too much of a pussy to criticise the morals of white Slut Single Mums who are so busily breeding the next generation of victims for sex predators of all races.  He is just like the LibLabCon media and political establishment who are cowards and hypocrites.

And this is why the British are DOOMED.



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