Notice how NEUROTIC British journalists are about criticising SLUT SINGLE MUMS and their low standards of morality and mothering

Andrew Gilligan asks if white girls are easy meat but is TOO AFRAID to answer this obvious question honestly.  He, like the BNP, prefers to carry on having shit fits about Islamists and extremists.

Our complacency about organised sexual exploitation leads to few convictions, regardless of the ethnicity of perpetrators

Nothing about the complacency of the low low morals of most white British women.

Starkey makes 'cultural' link to gang jailed for sexually exploiting girls
Historian calls on schools to teach English history to ethnic minorities to make them 'English citizens and English men'

Most Englishmen these days are pussywhipped emasculated SCUM.  Why teach other races SHIT about how to be emasculated pussywhipped scum whose guts have turned to piss, whose brains have turned to shit and whose balls have been turned to mince by feminism?

And who have gone gay to avoid having anything to do with British women?

Selective evidence: an ugly political game
Commentary surrounding the horrific Rochdale case speaks more for the critics than the victims.

Can anyone tell me what this man is trying to say or is he just spewing out words for the sake of spewing out words to fulfil his quota of meaningless words that constitute left-wing drivel?

Rochdale is a lesson to all of us

is on the right track, but notice how Martin "Fraidy Cat" Bright does not say SLUT SINGLE MUM because he is yet another pussywhipped white liberal male afraid of what his female partner's Slut Single Mum friends will say if he criticises their reproductive choices with their dud male partners.

"The truth is that this case illustrates a tragic truth about this country: we do not look after our children and young people well enough. The lessons from Rochdale should not be preached by one community to another. They are lessons for all of us individually and collectively."

Bad parenting.  To be more specific: bad mothering by the worst of women, who have low morals and low standards.   Too bad such mealy-mouthed limp-dickery is endemic amongst the emasculated and contemptible white men of Britain.   


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