Why we no longer have free speech

We no longer have free speech because women hate free speech more than men.  They hate free speech more than men because they are more easily upset, their feelings more easily hurt.   When they argue with you and lose, they will treat that event as a personal insult and be vindictive in the seeking of vengeance for hurting their feelings and having upset them.  

You know this is true, for men are more forgiving than women about such things, though Mercy tends to be a Virtue that is attributed to women.  

The West is guided by the worst of feminine vices: Promiscuity, Prevarication, Hypocrisy, Cowardice and Denial because its politicians court the female vote.



Dulantha said…
These particular women are feminists, they want to spread out their male hatred attitudes without any obstruction. Free speech is the greatest obstruction for them. They know it well.

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