Domestic Violence – Should The Definition Change?

At least 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, but is the term ‘domestic violence’ preventing women from seeking help, since many abusive relationships do not involve physical violence. A government consultation has just ended and asks whether the definition should be widened to include the phrase “coercive control.” Jenni is joined by Sam Baker, Editor of Red Magazine, which has launched a campaign called Speak Up, Save A Life to draw attention to abusive relationships, and to Diana Barran, Chief Executive of the national charity Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse.

Could "coercive control" mean a tone in your voice or a glint in your eye?

It will mean that you, as a father and a husband, will no longer be allowed to persuade your wife or children about some important moral issue in a way that would make them feel uncomfortable or harassed.  Indeed, you will no longer be allowed to hurt their feelings to make a point.  

I think living in a police state would be more fun than living in terror of your wife and children in your own home.  But if you feel like abdicating all parental and masculine authority, then go right ahead and let Dame Jenni and her ilk piss all over you.

Bet you don't know what that is is anyway you pussywhipped limp-dicked effeminate little fuck, because you never had a dad to explain this sort of shit to you.  

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