Reviving the Cult of the Vestal Virgin

If we are to have a job creation scheme for unmarried women, we would do better to have a Cult of the Vestal Virgin than to keep these women in employment in social work at great  expense to the taxpayer, ministering to the hopeless cases and wasting precious national resources in the process.

After all, social problems are created by promiscuous women and bad mothers, and then the feminists have the cheek to expect us to believe that only they sort ouf the problems that they themselves created.

Sounds a bit like a protection racket to me.

"You better pay us to protect you from our boys who might smash up your shop."

Obviously, the more people who willingly submit to extortion the more extortioners there will be.

Social workers are the parasites of parasites, it would appear.

Time to call the cops on the feminists, then!

My proposed Cult could be a combination of a finishing school for chaste girls of good character as well as a national marriage bureau (to be married to the most eligible bachelors in the land) with the option of staying on for those who do not wish to marry and who will then eventually to go on to run the Cult.  

The intake would only be restricted to girls whose mothers are not Slut Single Mums ie those who were not born illegitimate.  


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