Feminism, Degeneracy and Immigration, in that order

The reason why successive governments have conspired to let immigrants in is because the working classes are no longer fit for purpose.

There are not enough people to join the labour force and those who do aren't much cop because of their broken homes, bad upbringing, and sink schools who don't teach the 3 Rs properly.

Clever middle class women are not having enough children because of FEMINISM.

CHAV schoolgirl slags get knocked up in hordes because that is the kind of thing they do, because they are allowed to, at the expense of the taxpayer.

So what we have now is a DEGENERATE white race where the worst and stupidest of women are encouraged to breed the most bastards at taxpayer' expense while the clever educated ones - because of their careers - have fewer children.

Working mothers tend not to bring up their children very well if truth be told. They usually divorce their husbands and then become even worse mothers.

It can be seen therefore that feminism (which is anti-eugenic because it has systematically desecrated the institution of marriage) needs to be questioned, challenged, confounded and then exploded to be replaced by an ideology more eugenic (in the nicest  and most moral possible sense of the word - Libertarian Eugenics does not require the intervention of the government) as a sustainable way of ensuring the survival of the nation.

Gone, gone, gone, will be the days when the more pathetically disabled your child, the more respect you get from other mothers.  


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