A morality tale on separating from your husband for trivial reasons?

Bartlam, a former public schoolboy, who was jailed for life yesterday, had also been fascinated by violent video games rated 18 and DVDs, including Nightmare on Elm Street and the Evil Dead series, since the age of eight.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2124034/Daniel-Bartlam-Coronation-Street-killer-fascinated-horror-DVDs-violent-game-age-easy-hold-says-victims-partner.html#ixzz1r0O41hji

Their father, Adrian Bartlam, separated from Jacqueline in 2005.


His parents were separated in 2005 when he was 7. At 8 he was watching horror movies when his mum became a single mum.

Says Mr Matters:

“As soon as I found out Jacqui had been killed I knew instantly Daniel had done it… The warning signs have been there since he was 11…What he watched beggars belief. He viewed pornographic, incest and rape websites. He even looked up a site called ‘how to chloroform my little sister’. He was watching 18-rated DVDs and buying 18-rated videogames from pawn shops. How can a 13-year-old boy be allowed to buy these games? He was viewing this material from the age of 11. I saw stories he wrote at the age of 12 about killing people.

“I told Jacqui what he was doing, I told her what he was accessing, I warned her. But he is not my son so I could not discipline him.

Also, is  it quite the thing for a 47 year old woman to be sleeping in the same bed with a 6 year old boy?

Was this a regular occurrence?  Was this woman so lonely that she would sleep with her 6 year old boy every night?

Daniel Bartlam

murdered his mother in cold blood while she was sleeping with his then 6-year-old younger brother. 


Now, who do you think initiated the separation and what were the reasons for the separation?

Two-Thirds of the Time
It’s the wife who files for divorce in about two-thirds of divorce cases, at least among couples who have children.


Well, we don't know if she initiated the separation or the causes of it, so let us suspend judgement. I suppose there is a possibility that he beat her, gambled away the grocery money and was persistently unfaithful.

We could always ask Adrian Bartlam, who is on Facebook.


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