Monday, 2 April 2012

Discuss this with every woman you hope to fuck or marry

Noteworthy extracts that should be discussed at every dinner party to test the patience of the women.  I bet you will find that they will never speak to you again, let alone be invited back.  

"Females enforce conformity.  Females vary less than males. Exceptionally gifted  individuals are almost always male."

"Females have a deep desire for safety and moderation, which has its origin in her childbearing role.  The practice of derogating anyone who sticks out from the crowd is well known. If female influence is unchecked the result is a degenerating cycle of blandness, mediocrity and cultural stagnation."

"Females are immature.  The evolutionary origin is that immature females interact more successfully with children and make better mothers.  The evolutionary origin of male maturity is that they compete."

"Females know no limit.  They do not check their own behaviour but rely on others to do it for them [like children].  Females make unreasonable demands to test and extend their power.  They do not limit the excesses of other females but will exploit whatever  gains their excessive behaviour achieves.  The answer to the question 'What will women do?' is 'Whatever they can get away with.'  Females are never satisfied."

"Females have no sense of humour.  Women often define OCC (Our Cosy Circle) by deriding someone they wish to exclude from it.  They can discourage true humour because males use it to distribute information and dissipate neurosis, and it is in the female interest to maintain the male in as high a state of neurosis as possible.  By disallowing humour on particular themes taboos can be instituted.  Then the perception of a topic can be altered to suit unstated goals."

"Women are unforgiving.  Grievances are too useful to them as weapons to be discarded and forgotten."

"Females always reduce everything to the personal.  Further, females are superficial, because this is consistent with hypocrisy."

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.  The Bhagavad Gita"

"War is, of course, a masculine activity, but the war may still be being fought for feminine objectives."

Yep - the war between the West and the Muslim world is really about the war the Matriarchal West is waging against societies that are still patriarchal.  Some people say it is about Israel, but I am beginning to wonder.  

"The race that cannot control its females becomes extinct."

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