Simon Sheppard - Anti-Feminist Political Prisoner

Simon Sheppard, persecuted, imprisoned and still persecuted by the Agents of Feminazism

We live in a matriarchy, Simon Sheppard promotes the patriarchy and is therefore persecuted for his HERESY.

How Jewish lobbies had Simon Sheppard imprisoned

More detailed report of the legal proceedings and imprisonment

Appeal Statement for submission to the European Court Human Rights

It is news to me that Holocaust Denial is a crime in this country.

Inciting racial hatred is SPEECH CRIME.

Feeling racial hatred is THOUGHTCRIME.

Criminalising people for their thoughts and their views is TOTALITARIAN.

Voltaire: "While I disagree profoundly with what you say, I would defend to the death your right to say it."

Whatever happened to this principle?  Forgotten in the advanced stages of matriarchal dementia no doubt.

Only killing and hurting people of another race on grounds of race ought to be a criminal offence if we are truly liberal.

Simon reports that he is spending his time productively and is writing a book on psychology. 

How many of these rules at do you think Simon has broken, Dear Reader?

Remember, the free speech of the people whose views you dislike is YOUR free speech too.

The patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.

The matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity.

Humanity owes its progress to the patriarchy, while the female of the species of lower animals are Slut Single Mums necessarily because we know animals do not get married.  However, even these Slut Single Mums of the animal kingdom choose their male partners more selectively than the human version, and tend to make better reproductive choices than the human Slut Single Mum.  This is because lower animals do not have a welfare state to pick up the tab for Slut Single Mums who ruin their lives by allowing themselves to be knocked up by a man not their husband who either cannot or will not marry them or whom they do not wish to marry anyway.

When there are two choices of evil, choose the lesser evil, always.

If we allow Slut Single Mums to continue breeding at taxpayers' expense even as our male politicians fear to criticise them, then it is only a matter of time before the white man descends into the state of the despised black man who are generally considered closer to animals than the white man because they too are a society that tolerates Slut Single Mums on a massive scale.

There are wise and decent black people such as Lex Dras - my Facebook friend - who already know this and wish to turn turn the tide with his book that explains why black Slut Single Mums are bad for the Black Race, just as white Slut Single Mums are bad for the White Race.  The same applies for any race.

That is why the Chinese go on about Yin and Yang.

That is why the word BASTARD has always been used as a term of abuse, in all cultures, races and nations.

That is why the only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy.

That is why being told that you live in a matriarchy is the equivalent of being told you and your society have cancer.

As Simon Sheppard says:

‎"The race that fails to control its females becomes extinct."

Very sadly, because men of all races are only after One Thing, they are very susceptible to the bribe of cheap sex and easy women.   That is why it takes someone like me - the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman who is not completely obsessed about getting my cock sucked by as many sluts as possible - to remind and warn the benighted people of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

So this is not a race thing, people, it is about the very human institutions of Family and Marriage which allow people of all races to pass on their culture, knowledge, property and identity to the next generation.

Liberals and feminists ie the matriarchy have desecrated these institutions for decades now.

Indeed those institutions have been do desecrated that even talking about Family Values supported by Marriage ends me up being called a Fascist and a Nazi, so comprehensively have liberals demonised Conservatism.

It is now time for those who care about the future of Western civilisation, who are parents with children they love who wish to see them live reasonably well in this country, to come to the aid of Simon Sheppard, and to protest at his systematic persecution by the Matriarchy, who appear to be bent on facilitating the systematic extermination of  Western civilisation.  Or perhaps they know not what they do, because they suffer from a kind of civilisational dementia brought on by the cancer of the brain caused by enfranchising all those Slut Single Mums in their society.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."  
The Bhagavad Gita

I don't mind that Simon is a racist.  It is his right to dislike me on grounds of race, if that is what he wishes.   I would never imprison people just for disliking me or my race, because I would not like to deal with prison overcrowding on a massive scale.   


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