The BNP and its Abject Submission to Feminism AKA Slut Single Mums

If the BNP care for the white working classes at all, it would say something about how a national identity can only be sustained by the orderly transmission of property and traditions through the human institutions of Marriage and Family. Tragically, the leadership does not care enough to say these things to its membership, because most of them are illegitimate and won't appreciate having their parentage criticised.

Instead, they pretend everything is all the fault of foreigners and immigrants when the truth is that they are so despised that their own government doesn't even care enough about them to point out the error of their ways or give them decent schools. 

Liberal governments, like liberal parents, offer no moral guidance because they fear to seem judgemental, prescriptive, authoritarian and do not want to suffer any loss of popularity by criticising sluts, which, let's face it, most women in Britain are these days.  Most men are, let's also face it,  regularly have sex with a woman whom they do not love or respect but who satisfies their minimum requirement of being ready and willing.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men, as we have seen. 

Because women control men by giving them sex, men are now utterly in their power and dare not criticise the behaviour of any female colleague, for fear of losing their jobs (eg Sky Sports commentators Graham Keys and Andy Gray) or lose votes if they are male politicians.  

Will the BNP have the courage to tackle feminism? 

It seems unlikely, for they have seen fit to expel me for questioning feminism and its ideology of preserving the inalienable right of women to make reproductive choices that harm both themselves and society.  Riven Vincent is a married woman who has made a very bad reproductive choice - you could not have a more disabled offspring even if you tried, and she herself is now disabled.  (This woman knew 13 years ago that she had MS and even then went on to have her severely disabled daughter, who is now 7.)   Cheryl Dunn - a BNP activist known for being a slut single mum with disabled offspring brought my views to the attention of those attending the BNP EGM and so my mayoral goose was cooked. (I could have been the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate before they suspended and expelled me.)

Of course I had no chance at all - the entire matriarchy was against me and baying for my blood.  

But I at least dare to say what I think the problem is, unlike those who claim to represent the interests of the white working classes.  Or should I call them the white lower classes now since so few of the white working classes now work?


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