THE ORDERS OF BIG SISTER as interpreted by Simon Sheppard, Political Prisoner

  1. I shall unreservedly exploit the achievement of males in furtherance of my goals.  I shall enlist the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves [such as the disabled] for my own purposes.  
  2. I shall control information, distort truth and manipulate thought.  Freedom of speech will not exist.
  3. I shall call for tolerance while allowing only those opinions and activities which are to my advantage.  I shall promise one thing and do another.
  4. I shall oblige males to perform roles for which I am naturally better-suited.
  5. I shall maintain males in a state of neurosis and confusion, and any male who disagrees with me, or induces any unpleasant feeling, shall be deprived of all amenities I have the power to withhold.  
  6. I shall indulge my instincts to manipulate, mindfuck, play tricks and be dishonest without fear of retribution.
  7. I shall treat animals better than men.  
  8. I shall encourage massive immigration so that others shall be the underclass and not me.  
  9. I shall have the right to do everything and the obligation to do nothing.  I shall have babies whenever and by whomever I please.
  10. Any males following his instincts to the same extent will be imprisoned.


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