My afternoon in York with Simon Sheppard, Psychologist, Anti-feminist and Far Right Activist

Simon Sheppard is treated as if he were a paedophile and a danger to society.

What has he done?

It seems he played a few practical jokes on Jews and said things that have offended them about their racial characteristics and their practices.

What were the things he said that were so terrible he had to be imprisoned?

I have no idea even now after going all the way to York to visit him because Tales of the Holohoax is no longer available on (Simon's website).  Apparently, its contents were so dangerous and criminal that Simon was imprisoned in 2008 and is even now subject to intrusive control orders that prevent him from using the Internet.

Simon Sheppard in York
I asked Kevin Watmough, leader of the British People's Party, Simon's friend, whom I met in Bradford in my quest to see a copy of Tales of the Holohoax, but it could not be located.  Apparently, possessing more than three copies means you intend to distribute material likely to incite racial hatred and this THOUGHTCRIME is an imprisonable offence in our liberal democracy.  Kevin has been so careful to avoid infringing this rule that he may have even thrown it away.

Once when he was caught with having Ulster Volunteer Force badges for sale, along with other biker badges which includes the German Buddhist Hindu Symbol that Hitler himself designed, they treated him as if he were a terrorist.  His camcorder, they claimed when they refused to give it back to him, could have been use for the purposes of terrorism.

Below are photographs of the kind of merchandise Kevin possesses.

Kevin is an unashamed National Socialist and took it quite well when I pointed out that the Chinese have been  doing National Socialism for over 60 years and were far better at it than the White Race.

I too am a National Socialist, but a non-racist one, however.   Anyone who believes in the efficacy of a one-party state (but one that protects the rights of its members against the leader and his cronies) could be called a National Socialist, IMHO.

Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill that would abolish the office of the whip and thus  turn every vote for an MP into a free vote would work perfectly well in a one-party state.

Hitler says at 1:54  that National Socialism has two principles: (1) "it would be a party with a true ideology" and (2) "it would, uncompromisingly, be the one and only power in Germany. The "true" ideology would always change, mutatis mutandis, but not "onepartyism" because that is a fundamental principle. Therefore all de jure one-party states in existence that have the stated policy of promoting the National Interest are National Socialist. This makes China National Socialist, however much they would baulk at being called such a thing.

Below is a photograph of Kevin defiantly asserting his right to raise his right arm.

A salute of defiance

For people who apparently believe that every time the right hand is raised in this manner a Jewish baby dies, I do assure you it is simply not true.  At any rate, no direct connection has been shown by scientists between Jewish babies or adult Jews dying and the raising of the right arm by those who defy the privileged status of Jews, who are over-protected by over-solicitous liberal laws that prevent them from being offended and insulted, but which makes non-Jews resent their privileged status and suspect them of sinister and almost supernatural powers.  Kevin tells me that the Roman salute was intended to show the person being greeted that no weapons are being held in the hand of that greeter and that it was a greeting of peace.   The fact that it is now a gesture delighted in by those who wish to show their defiance of the power that Jews as a minority in this country wield against the free expression of the majority of people in this country is arguably not peaceful in intent, but then, we ordinary mortals do not have the right to prosecute and persecute people who make rude gestures, eg the one-finger salute, at us, do we?

Instead, those of us who do so even outside this country, say at a pop concert in Hungary like the ex-BNP West London Organiser Chris Hurst, are even expelled from the BNP, who have made it not its business to defend the free expression of its members.

Kevin was full of praise for criminal lawyer Simone Isaacs for her professionalism in acting for him though she was Jewish and was aware of his anti-Semitic views.  This is praise indeed.

Below is Kevin's cat - a lovely tortoiseshell called Kitler.

Heil Kitler!

Jews are treated by the law as both a race and a religion, and this is one of the idiosyncrasies of their clever and ancient religion.  So, if they cannot get you for inciting religious hatred and causing them to hate you for criticising their religion, they can get you for inciting hatred against them on grounds of race.

Simon Sheppard with one of the horses of York

Do you know what happens when you tell someone not do something?

Do you remember the story of God telling Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge?

Adam , Eve and the Apple by Titian

Do you remember what happened to Pandora when she was told not to open the box?

Pandora by John William Waterhouse

Do you remember what what Orpheus did when he was told not to look back when he was leaving the Underworld?

Nymphs finding the head of Orpheus by John William Waterhouse

Do you remember what Lot's wife did when she was told not to look back when she was fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah in the process of being destroyed by God?

A Pillar of Salt

If we are told not to hate a certain group of people our first reaction would be to wonder what's so special about them that we are forbidden by law to hate them, and challenge those reasons.

Like God, perhaps, the totalitarian liberal matriarchy passes laws that incites us to commit an offence and then, to show its power over us, punishes us severely for doing just what God hoped we would do anyway, just because He wished to indulge his sadistic desire to punish and humiliate people.

One is reminded of the Hundred Flowers Campaign when Mao invited criticism of the government and then cut down the "flowers" for daring to accept his invitation and taking him at his word.

Simon Sheppard and his love of  horses

Why does God lead us into temptation and then punish us for it?  These things are sent to try us, perhaps.

Why do dogs lick their balls?  Because they can.

The title of this Holohoax piece suggests that its subject matter concerns Holocaust Denial.

But Holocaust Denial is not a crime in this country.

So why is it treated as if it is?  Because the Jews have been pulling the strings of their gentile puppets?  One might just be forgiven for thinking so.

Because we are a totalitarian state in which the rule of law and all the fundamental principles of liberty have long since been forgotten altogether or been absent-mindedly thrown into the dustbin in our advanced stages of matriarchal dementia.

Simon Sheppard

Liberals reading this will no doubt need to be reminded that the fundamental principles of liberty are:

1.  Free Speech

2.  Freedom of Contract

3.  Freedom of Association

4.  Freedom of Belief

5.  The Right to Property

Simon Sheppard seeking a mint from his folder
While warned that I was about to meet a rabid racist and a dangerous criminal subject to a stringent control order - the kind that convicted paedophiles and suspected terrorists are subjected to -  I found Simon friendly, cheerful, polite, pleasant and kind to animals.  His untidy hair reminded of a naughty schoolboy.  He admits to playing pranks on Jews by sending them annoying and unflattering communications about their race and practices.  For this lese majeste he is viciously punished with years of incarceration, as a warning to others.   

Talking about Jews, I am reminded of the Old Testament saying of an eye for an eye, which is an argument for reasonableness and proportionality.

In what way could anyone argue that Simon's incarceration has been either proportionate or reasonable?

In what way is Simon considered a danger to society?

Should this man be prevented from accessing the Internet until 2013 for offending and annoying Jews?

There is nothing at all proportionate in the punishment of this man by our so-called liberal state.  Strangely and sadly, but perhaps not so surprisingly, he was expelled by the BNP, like me and so many others, because its leader does not care or dare to defend or protect the free speech of its members.   

Simon Sheppard offering a mint
These days, one cannot even speak the truth without being punished for any offence caused by so doing.  I was expelled from the party for saying that if I had a severely disabled baby like Riven Vincent's daughter (who cannot lift her head, is blind and cannot move any of her limbs) I would not wish to bring it up, nor compel my husband to expend his energy and resources towards bringing it up, nor would I wish to burden the taxpayer with the upkeep of my severely disabled offspring.   

Simon Sheppard and York Minister
I doubt if most people in this country any longer understand what a principle is these days, such is the degradation of morals that has been caused by decades of feminism and the matriarchal corruption of morals and intellectual standards.

The instinct of politicians is to jump when the person with the loudest voice shouts at them or cower when a large stick is being shaken at them.

In short, everyone is encouraged to behave like cowards and bullies. Presumably this is because no one expects better of you in a land consisting mostly of sluts and bastards practising their Culture of Excuses and Entitlement in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, where over half of the babies born are born out of wedlock, and those who are born in wedlock have parents who divorce each other for the most trivial of reasons.  

It is no longer for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, but "until I am bored and irritated with you and fancy living in the matrimonial home without you getting under my feet".

It is of course wives who petition for divorce more than men, and this is true the world over.  

The leader of the BNP is therefore in practice no different from the politicians of the liberal political establishment that he challenges.

He appears not to understand that the free speech of the people you dislike is your free speech too, or fears to remind members of this in case they get angry with him, like a wife who fears the wrath of an irascible husband.

He, like the liberal elite he criticises, prefers to worship at the altar of Expediency and the Goddess of Offence while pissing and defecating on such old-fashioned masculine concepts such as Free Speech, Truth and the Rule of Law that are now considered obsolete and defunct in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Simon Sheppard and The Purple Man of York
I asked Simon the reason the party gave for his expulsion, and he told me it was because he said that the Jews were "illegal immigrants".  This is arguably true, because the Edict of Expulsion of 1290 was never repealed.

But in Britain you can be punished for telling the truth or making a joke, especially if it is about women.  Two male Sky football commentators lost their jobs when they made jokes about a female linesman.

In Britain the giving of offence to women is enough to get you the sack.

Britain is the effeminate easily-offended nation that fears to hear the truth, rather like the overweight wife that asks the husband if she looks fat in the the tight and short dress she is thinking of wearing, and there is only one correct answer if he does not want the entire evening ruined.

Women - the weaker sex - and the groups that adopt the strategies of the weaker sex are of course the most totalitarian and easily offended people around as well as the people who most stand to benefit when they grass you up for one malicious and self-serving reason (eg to claim compensation for racial/sex/disability/sex orientation/age discrimination) or another.  It is possible that many of them are just pretending to be offended because the financial incentives can be quite enticing.

The Purple Man of York
I wonder what would happen if you tell the British this Xmas that Santa does not exist.

These days they will probably burn you at the stake.

Simon Sheppard, Tourist Attraction
So, whenever the British Prime Minister next lectures the Chinese government on human rights, perhaps the Chinese government would like to draw his attention to Britain's first and foremost political prisoner, Simon Sheppard, who has been imprisoned since 2008 and is now being treated like a paedophile or a terrorist, just for offending a few Jews and any high-ranking matriarchs of state who may have heard of him.

He is the British Ai Weiwei.

An amphibious vessel on the Ouse
In the tolerant and urbane England that I loved but which no longer exists, when men were men, played fair and played by the rules because it was an England governed by masculine principles, Simon Sheppard would be considered a harmless English eccentric prone to playing the occasional annoying prank on members of the Jewish community.  Now, in totalitarian effeminate hysterical liberal matriarchal Britain, Simon Sheppard is treated like the terrorist and paedophile he is not.  The BNP would be too frit and effeminate to defend him these days, engulfed as they have been by a tsunami of Slut Single Mums together with their disabled offspring and sex partners, that make them ill-equipped to contend against the unmanageably large numbers of immigrants (both legal and illegal who come here to do the work they cannot or will not do) that they have been so bitterly complaining about for decades.

The reason why the white working classes no longer work is because Slut Single Mums and the appeasers of Slut Single Mums (such as  Theresa May and Harriet Harman) have been unable to turn their unruly and illegitimate offspring into something a sane employer might wish to employ.

This will of course also be found offensive by many members of the BNP whose ranks consist of white people most infected and infested by Slut Single Mums and their badly-parented illegitimate offspring.

We know who is in power by whom we cannot criticise, and I certainly now know that I cannot criticise the Sluts and Bastards of Britain without being expelled from even the pariah party that is the BNP.

Simon Sheppard watching amphibious vessel on the Ouse
How on earth is appeasing the worst of people and employees going to help the white race?

Simon Sheppard and I kicking our heels over the Ouse

Perhaps the question in itself will be found offensive.

Simon Sheppard contemplates his future as a man with an important message the British do not wish to hear is where to get a flavour of Simon Sheppard's views.   He would really rather be known as a Psychologist than a Far Right activist. and is surely evidence of the perspicaciousness of this singularly courageous man.

Simon Sheppard:

"The race that fails to control its females becomes extinct."

I would not go as far as that, and would modify his statement thus:

"The civilisation that fails to regulate the sexual behaviour of its women declines and falls."


Santiago said…
Well, maybe there is no Jewish conspiracy. Jews also hurts themselves.
Anonymous said…
Simon Sheppard authored a book called the Tyranny of Ambiguity: a collection of his case studies in Amsterdam into female psychology.Essentially Simon Sheppard is a perpetrator of Thought Crime

Have you got that?
Claire Khaw said…
I seem to remember reading something like this, but it was a booklet, I think.

Simon Sheppard is a Political Prisoner.

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