Why the British politician and voter has the morals of a sewer rat: SLUT SINGLE MUMS TO BLAME

The British male has had his character ruined by generations of stupid sluts. The average British male was probably singly parented by his slut single mum. The average British male comes from an established lineage of sluts and bastards. That is why the average British male is very likely to be a paedophile and Britain now has a paedophile tax called the CRB check which everyone looking for work or wishing to hire employees has to pay.

That is why the average Briton has the morals of a sewer and their politicians have shit for brains and morals.

That is why Western governments thinks they can get away recolonising oil-rich Muslim while saying they are doing it for the benefit of the backward Muslims, expect to be believed by their shit for brains and shit for morals voters who either believe that crap or are indifferent to what is being done in their name.

The rest of the world however has not had their brains and morals turned to SHITE by generations of liberalism nor do they come from a long uninterrupted line of slut and bastard ancestry.  


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