DECLARE AN OFFICIAL MARRIAGE AND SEX STRIKE for your race and your nation!

Women must only give sex to men who are prepared to support them.

Men are already on marriage strike anyway, but they need to make it official.

Therefore women need to declare a sex strike, and make it official.  

To begin to do this, join this Facebook Group to declare an OFFICIAL Marriage and Sex Strike.

Since the result of such a strike would result in the end of the British as a people - apart from the Muslims of course - that ought to concentrate minds. 

It is what I call MAD - mutually assured destruction. 

There will be scabs and blackleg labour, of course, but men will just fuck and forget them. 

The striking women and men would need to organise themselves locally.

Men who won't marry because they don't want to be taken to the cleaners and think they don't want to buy the cow when they can get milk in pints at their corner shop would form a group.

Women who won't have sex with a man unless they are husband material would also form a group.

They will both be circling each other eventually, once the men get tired of not having sex with a regular female partner loved enough to be their wife.  The women would also eventually find decent men who want a good wife, and negotiations can then commence.  


Ernest Chatham said…
Hi Claire:
You do know, of course, that you just described one of the myths of the Native American nations, to a veritable tee.

I forget where I saw it, on a Navajo site maybe?
knn said…
The following scenario is far more likely:

Since women are getting more and more useless as mothers (cannot cook, bad moms etc) the only benefit for men is sex.

But just wait another 20-30 years and you will have more or less realistic fembots.

Then, since women cannot compete sexually against better and better fembots, they have to compete by character.

And this is when the downward spiral of womanhood will reverse.

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