Why would a rational person these days have sex with a white person or marry one?



If by "racist" you mean "offensive" then I am guilty as charged, but the statements below are true, I would say. In the same way that truth justifies a statement that is considered to be defamatory, does the truth of a statement cleanse a statement of its alleged "racism"?

  1. White people get throat and neck cancer from having oral sex with lots of partners.
  2. White people rarely get married.
  3. If white people get married they rarely stay married. 
  4. White people are mostly illegitimate.
  5. White people are particularly prone to alcoholism.
  6. White men are effeminate, emasculated and cowardly.
  7. White women have the reputation of being the most promiscuous in the world. 
  8. White mothers are the worst in the world.  (Think of Fiona McKeown and her under-aged daughter she left in the care of a tourist guide whom she knew was having sex with her daughter and who was then raped and murdered in Goa.  She even tried to blame the Goan police when anyone with any sense of honour would have had the sense to be quiet.)
  9. White people are mostly singly-parented or singly-parenting.
  10. The reason why white people keep allowing Muslims (whom they hate and fear) into their countries is because white employers don't want to hire white employees.
  11. White employers don't want to hire white employees because the working classes are no longer fit for purpose as employees after decades of welfare, single parenthood and illegitimacy.  
  12. White people are now a basket case people because white culture is all about having lots of sex with lots of people, and buying things they cannot afford with money they don't have.  
  13. White people have no religion now.
  14. Because white people are indoctrinated by atheist liberalism they do not know that lust is a deadly sin, as is pride and sloth, anger, greed and envy, all of them they are busily gorging themselves on.
  15. Their government cares so little about their own people that, rather than correct the people they govern, they just get more Muslims into the country so they can do the work that white people should be doing themselves.  
  16. Because of their insane political system that encourages only the worst people to enter politics, they are getting more degraded, more impoverished, more stupid, more cowardly and more hypocritical.  
  17. Male Prime Ministers afraid of losing the votes of promiscuous women who are single mothers are the most degraded of men.  
  18. To be afraid of a tyrant or the secret police is understandable, but to be afraid of promiscuous women is beyond contemptible.  
  19. Perhaps the religion of the Muslims that white people hate and fear, whom they think is the backward religion of backward brown people who want to blow them up, may have something to offer white people after all.  
  20. White people are addicted to their welfare state that is so bad for them.  
  21. White people are addicted to feminism that gives men cheap sex and women the equality to do men's jobs, which they do badly while neglecting the woman's work that needs to be done, eg bringing up the next generation.  
  22. White people's education is infamously bad and  not fit for purpose.
  23. White men are pussy-whipped.
  24. White women have become men and white men have become women.  


Anonymous said…
Could be worse. At least white men don't celebrate the paedophile prophet of Islam, Muhammad.
Anonymous said…
It would be fair and accurate to call Muhammad prophet of Islam a piss-drinking paedophile, since not only did he molest the child bride Aisha, but he also encouraged his followers to drink camel urine.
Anonymous said…
A good read:

T. Saleem said…
Your post is racist - I wish you would desist from this pointless nastiness towards others.

Whatever our hue - we're all human and answerable for own actions.

It is actually impossible to stereotype any community, due to the massive variations in people, and personalities that all communities have - and attempting to do so and in such derogatory terms shows sheer ignorance.

Claire Khaw said…
It is offensive, I will admit. But is being "racist" just being offensive?

It is true that white girls are easy meat, is it not?

It is also true that Pakistani-origin British Muslims think so too, as Jack Straw was saying recently, when Asian sex predators were convicted of targeting easy meat singly-mothered white girls.

It is also true that white people dare not discuss whether white girls are easy or not, or whether anything needs to be done.

I live amongst these people and resent being tarred by association.

At least I care enough about these people to risk unpopularity by telling them the truth, and suggesting it might do them good to change their ways.

If you cared enough about your countrymen and countrywomen, you would not wish them to be known as promiscuous and sexually-diseased.

Obviously, you do not, or do not regard them as being your fellow citizens, and prefer to watch them destroy themselves.
Claire Khaw said…
To Anonymous of 22 Feb 17:32:

I am not really bothered whether or at what age Muhammad had sex with Aisha or whether or not he drank camel urine, as long as anyone who wishes to call themselves Muslims is not expected to do the same to be and remain Muslim.

The Koran certainly does not instruct Muslims to do so, and that is good enough for me.
Claire Khaw said…
To Anonymous of 22 Feb 17:04:

Non-Muslim White men may not celebrate Muhammad, but they are unfortunately associated with paedophilia by white women, white children and other nations and races.

In fact, white men tend to be known as more likely than other races to be paedophiles these days.

I have a theory that feminism causes female promiscuity which in turn causes paedophilia amongst men who live in a matriarchy in which the institution of marriage is marginalised and financially disadvantageous, if not actually financially ruinous.
Dave said…
Relative freedom includes the freedom to make decisions and anyone who has that freedom sometimes makes a decision that is wrong for them, but often it's sometimes it's the right decision for them. How much better the right to make your own decisions is whether you get them right or wrong. How much better that is than being treated like a perpetual child, a particularly gullible child.
Claire Khaw said…
Dave, I have no idea why you think I am trying to stop people from making their own decisions.
Anonymous said…
Your rantings are very amusing, pretty clueless. Lazy stereotypes and laughable conclusions.

Very funny parody of a madman.

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