Another well-designed poster by the same person who designed the Evils of Xmas poster?

Excellent design.  This person should have successful career in advertising and I wonder who he is.  Would love to hire him.   


Irv Salos said…
My answer to the question posed is a resounding "No!"Bah Humbug!
Bint J said…
As a Muslim I can tell you now that both these posters are at least purporting to have come from Al-Muhajiroun (or Islamizdabest4uk or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays to avoid being banned); they are the only group who use the acronym EMQ for the Qur'an, I presume they got it from their Hizbut Tahrir days as HT refer to the Qur'an as The Magnificent Qur'an or TMQ and are the only group to do this also; but I have always been mystified as to what the E stands for in the Al-Muhajiroun. I do think it is Al-Muhajiroun or whatever they are called these days because they really are so thick as to use an acronym that clearly identifies their supposedly anonymous posters, flyers etc, they have done this many times in the past as well.

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