Men and Women

Most men find the company of women so disagreeable that they cannot imagine why they would want to have anything to do with a woman unless they are hoping to or are already having sex with her.  


Adolfo said…
From Leykis 101: “The purpose of dating is to get laid. Men do not date for any other reason. Sometimes women try to distract us and make us thinking that there are other reasons for dating. Like going to see the latest movie. Or going to a concert, spending US$300 in tickets. Or trying a new Italian restaurant. No! The purpose of going on a date is to get laid. Everything we do leads to the bedroom. If you are set up to go on a date where getting laid is not your objective, cancel it today! If you are going to go out this weekend with somebody you don’t expect to get laid anytime soon, cancel it now, right now. Dating equals porking! Period!”
Jeremy Janson said…
Well I don't know about most but I personally love the company of women and girls and have since I was little. The only thing I don't like is huge groups of them, then they get aggravating. But yeah, one, two, even three girls, not too bad.

I do however agree with Adolfos statement that the purpose of dating is to get laid/marry (whether they are intertwined depends upon your values.) Very few men actually enjoy dates (if any), and why would they? Most of the time when I am simply being friendly with girls I wouldn't want to actually date them, and I know I'm way too cheap (I think cheapness may be a male attribute...) to actually ENJOY spending $300 for anything!
Claire Khaw said…
Is that how much it costs now to take a woman out in the US??

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