Outnumbered - a liberal conspiracy to discourage parenthood?


I do believe it is a liberal conspiracy to encourage parents to kill their children, walk out on their spouses or just not get married or have children at all.

Are liberals evil or just stupid? 

Does any self-respecting bloke want to become the sad-faced, victim dad that is Hugh Dennis' character?

Would any woman want to be that harassed mother with out of control children who hates her sister?

Only if you are a libtard who thinks School of Life http://www.theschooloflife.com/ will solve your philosophical problems, I guess. 


Anonymous said…
It's a series which reflects the reality of being married, middle class with kids in a humourous, observant way - it's not part of an evil, feminist plot to encourage whites not to have children (or to kill them if they do. You are funny Claire, but not in a good way!
Claire Khaw said…
Anonymous: You must be a woman!

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