Neglect of the elderly has its origins in ... yes, you guessed it ... FEMINISM

Newsnight had Gloria Hunniford and Virginia Ironside (with that ridiculous maroon fringe that signifies matriarchal dementia) so not getting to the heart of the matter about why the elderly are being neglected. Feminism is the reason: the unnatural ideology of feminism propped up the welfare state, nurses who think that wiping bottoms is beneath them because it is the lowest kind of woman's work, and too many bed-blockers with no female family members to look after them clogging up the system.
Maybe my seven day suicide pill pack idea is commercially viable.  You could always make your own version, or have Dying Rooms where you are treated well and have your bottom wiped by kind and caring nurses, who also feed you with nice food, but only for seven days, while you take your 7 suicide pills one a day, which should give the people who care to gather around you to pay your their last respects, so you can have your Victorian death bed scene. 
If you decide not to commit suicide and remain in the land of the living they will just put you on a trolley, not feed you and let you rot in your own waste, unless you pay.   
Or you could have just one suicide pill and be done with it to save everyone the bother.


Anonymous said…
Are you serious? I thought your were attempting a 21st century Jonathan Swift to start with, but you actually believe this unsubstantiated bile, don't you?
Claire Khaw said…
You will cause terrible things to happen to my ego if you start comparing me with Swift!

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