Single Mothers a Cancer of Society

If you think of a cancer as a failure of copying ...

If you think of  single mothers as facilitators in failures in the copying of such things as family traditions and tribal customs, because they bring up their children without the balancing influence of men ... 

Children are after all a half of both their parents, and to keep in touch with their roots they should have some knowledge of both parents as well as both sides of the family.  

Then it will be quite obvious that single mothers are indeed a cancer of society in that they fail to transmit what is good and only introduce what is societally damaging, such as more single mummery, laxer morals, lower educational standards, more drug-taking, resulting in an unfit for purpose working class and therefore the need for cheap immigrant labour resulting in the rise and rise of the BNP ... 

What feeds single mums is of course the welfare state, which the British are addicted to.

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins, by the way, that the British are all collectively gorging themselves on.  

I am not saying we should be horrible to single mums over and above recommending that they give up their babies ASAP and abolishing child benefit for all.  I suspect though that many will think these proposed measures of discouragement quite horrible enough.

Oh, and anyone who is a single mum or whose mother is a single mum who feels they and their children are OK are also part of the problem.  You already know it is not ideal.  And even if you are Superwoman or are doing well enough for yourself despite having been singly parented, you know countless others brought up like that do not.  If you want to stop me from pointing out that single motherhood is not to be recommended, then you are part of the problem.  


Anonymous said…
You absolute Twit!
knn said…
I personally use the same term "Single parenting mothers are the cancer of society" because of the terrible effects that moms have:

However, recently I started to use the term "Single moms are the metastasis of society" because of their disgusting effects not only on the next generation (= their own children) but on the generation after, e.g.

"Daughters who live with only their mothers are 92% more likely
to divorce than daughters of two-parent families."

Thus I found "cancer" to be too weak actually.

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