Child-free women form groups to denigrate mothers

It seems the Mumsnetters are still talking about me months after they chucked me out.  Some think I am somehow involved in a website that denigrates mothers just because they are mothers.

All because I dared to say that single motherhood is not to be recommended or encouraged.

No, ladies, I don't hate mothers.  Indeed, I am in favour of women marrying, having babies and bringing them up properly with husbands who will protect and provide for their family.  I hope that is now clear. 

It is certainly news to me that extremist feminism has produced a breed of childless spinsters so bitter that they form groups to denigrate mothers.  What will happen to these poor dears when they are old and doddery with no adult son or daughter to even find them a decent old folks' home, forced to rely on the uncertain kindness of Social Services?  Perhaps by then the Soylent Green solution will have kicked in.


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