Class action by whingeing women against Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Class Action

Three women who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. are suing the Wall Street firm for what they say is purposeful and institutional gender discrimination that unfairly favours men for pay and promotions.
The class action lawsuit alleges Goldman has engaged in a systematic "pattern and practice" of discrimination against women in mid to upper level roles in the firm.

Goldman Sachs says the suit is without merit and insists they make extraordinary efforts to recruit, develop and retain outstanding women professionals.

We find out more about this case and ask why is there such a gap in the number of women at the top in the financial services industry. Jane discusses with Suzanne Goldberg, Professor of Law at Columbia University; Jacki Zehner, former partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs.

If I were Goldman Sachs and could get away with it I wouldn't hire women AT ALL. Whinge, whinge, whinge. If you can't cope with your hurt feelings fuck off home to your mar mee or dad dee, for fuck's sake, little girl. You're clearly not fit to be working with men. 

Real men wouldn't be seen dead complaining, girls. That is the difference.

So that whingeing cow (I didn't catch her name, sorry) wants to recruit "more talented women".  Why, so there are more lawsuits like that? But the Western banking system is already having its confidence undermined, so why make it worse, bitch?


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