Red Ed's Love Child

Is the Milibore displaying that he is a clueless loser so soon already?

Isn't being incompetent at condom-use not a good sign in a man? IMHO it shows a glaring inability to plan ahead, recklessness as well as a gullible and trusting nature - all qualities to be avoided if you want to get far in politics.  

If you have a girlfriend who is nearing the end of her twenties or already in her early 30s still shacked up with you whose biological alarm has already been ringing loudly years ago, you would be a fool to trust her entirely to use contraceptives effectively.  It is quite clear from the photo that Justine Thornton is no spring chicken. 

The shotgun wedding if it's going to take place ain't gonna look good, Ed.  

Maybe he should insist on a paternity test.  If it ain't his, he can start again with a clean sheet.

"His current partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister. They met in 2004, and live together in north London – where he grew up. They have one son."

"Current partner"!  Hahahahaha.  


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