Are Family Values Misogynistic?

Are family values "misogynistic"? I suppose feminists would think so. But is feminism good even for women?

Family values imposes onerous financial and social burdens on men too. It would make it more difficult for men to fuck and forget women who are not actually prostitutes. It basically redistributes the burden of duty.

Feminism lightens the social and financial burdens of men, and cheapens women by making more of them willing to shamelessly engage in meaningless sex.  Is feminism really beneficial for women who think in the long term though, when it seems most of them aren't really that into sex (ask most married men) and don't like the status of being childless spinsters?

Future dementia sufferers should bear in mind that they won't even have any children to find them a good home for the old, unwanted and demented whose existence are a burden to themselves and others. 


Adolfo said…
Family values are more misandrist than misogynist. Marriage is a patriarchal institution imposed basically on men. Maleness and monogamy are opposites. Not long ago just a fraction of men fathered almost all the children, while almost all the women have offspring. That means that there were groups of women sharing a man at least for procreation purposes. Most of men used to die in bloody wars or performing dangerous tasks, so the ratio of women versus men was always high. Or simply, alpha males concentrated most of the wealth, and women, being hypergamic as they are, chose those dominant men over the less fortunate. By instituting marriage every man had a chance of having a family, while women were prevented from forming harems around the most successful males. In a way, marriage was a Communist institution without the Marxist background. Is Feminism good for women or society? Yes, if it is kept at its original claims (right to vote, equal opportunities, free and safe abortions) which I think are legitimate; societies are not static after all, also if such societies are industrialized. Which brings me to something I don’t quite understand: Why Feminism has been so devastating in England and the USA? I am a business consultant and have traveled a lot. I have been to France, the birthplace of liberalism, and other libertarian movements (feminism included), a “socialist” country under Anglo-Saxon standards and they don’t have that mess. Same thing I can say about Brazil, Cuba, or even Mexico, where I live. There must be something else. Maybe you (UK and USA) had always a matriarchy and feminism just allow you to “flourish”. My quick solution to this state of things: Masculinism! Restore male privileges, secure male promiscuity, so a small number of males could start fixing things. If family values were corrupted by the most insane brand of feminism, maybe it’s time to go back to the basics. It could be our last chance to preserve civilization.

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