Martha Kearney fussing over police resources being diverted from domestic violence into dealing with yobs and CHAVs

Did you hear that Martha Kearney huffing and puffing at the thought that police resources might be diverted from dealing with domestic violence???  Listen, girls, if he hits you hit him back harder.  If doing this results in bruises and a black eye, run to your neighbour, friend or family member and get them to photograph your injuries as evidence and then give it to the cop shop who will pass it on to the CPS.  Geddit, girls?  THAT.  IS.  ALL.  YOU.  HAVE.  TO. DO.  You don't need a special police team to sort out the crap choice of man you decided to shack up with.  Yer made your bed, then lie in it or go find another one. 

If you don't fancy going to all this trouble then it means you either don't mind being hit that much or can't be bothered to move out of the home you share with him, in which case, fair enough.  Each to her own.  

I have a feeling that Martha Kearney is an extremist feminist who apparently thinks women are either so privileged or so stupid that even any hypothetical diversion of police resources from women will result in the end of Western feminism as we know it.  God give me (and us all) strength! 

Enough of this domestic violence crap anyway.  I bet the people most vulnerable to domestic violence are gay men.


jfr said…
If you do a little research, I think the facts will point to Lesbians having the highest DV incidences.
Claire Khaw said…
Perhaps women have fewer inhibitions about telling on each other?

While I am perfectly happy to accept from you that more lesbians than gay men report domestic violence, I suspect more gay men suffer from it than lesbians.

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