Women to Blame for Failing Educational Policies

0751 There has been a slight fall in the proportion of 11-year-olds in England reaching the standard expected of them in English national curriculum tests. Reporter Sanchia Berg asked one 11-year-old boy to sit part of a writing paper and an experienced Sats marker, Roberta Bowen, to assess it. Former children's laureate Michael Morpurgo, who was once a primary school teacher, discusses ways to make children more enthusiastic about books.


So, stupider and more illiterate is what we are becoming, especially the male of the species, until even foreigners speak English better than the native English-speaker. Mistakes are not penalised, it seems. "We look to credit, not penalise", said the female educationalist, Roberta Bowen, prissily.

Girls are doing better than boys, probably because girls are more biddable and boys need to be engaged, which of course female teachers, who constitute the majority in the educational establishment, are clueless about. No red-blooded male would want to join the educational establishment because, apart from the very low pay, they would be accused of sexual harassment or paedophilia the moment they get on the wrong side of their female colleagues, or questioned the wisdom of not penalising children when they make basic spelling and grammatical errors.

At the rate we are going, the BNP will be asking a foreigner to write their manifesto for them next, you mark my words ...


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