The second most eroticised item of furniture

Just spoke to a friend who was telling me about his phobia of the dentists and his unexpectedly pleasant recent experience with a female dentist whose cleavage he was enthusiastically describing to me. I remarked that the sight of it must have been very calming and undoubtedly helped take his mind off things. He wants to go back now, more often than is in fact necessary.

I think he has been "groomed".

I think women are groomed too. A very attractive dental hygienist (who necessarily gets her work from regularly returning patients) would rest her bosom against my face as she worked on my gnashers.

Yes, guys, it was very nice indeed. My emotions were that of surprise and a certain amount of gratified pleasure.

"Do you really fancy me or do you really not know you are doing this?" I wondered .

Of course you would never dream of saying anything, because that would ruin everything. That is how they get you to come back again and again to wonder again and again ....

It is probably part of their training now.

Module 24: FOR WOMEN ONLY!
How to make even the most phobic patients want to come back to you - the dentist! - again and again.

  1. Wear a nice top that shows off your cleavage.
  2. Speak kindly to your patient and be gentle with him or her.
  3. If they appear to like you you can start leaning over them.
  4. Once they have closed their eyes, you can begin your work.
  5. If they do not flinch from contact you know you've got them!

The dentist's chair is an item of furniture associated with pain and pleasure.

No other furniture, apart from the bed, has been so eroticised.


I think it's a tie between this and the sink at which your female hairstylist washes your head, in the case of us guys. You are 'spot on' about the no-flinch rule!
P.S., Is there any chance I can get the address of that dental hygienist?
Andromeda said…
The one I was referring to stopped working at my previous dentist, who then hired a very large matronly type who didn't stay long and then a very incompetent one who kept dripping water down my neck as she jollied me along in an unbelievably annoying way.

I then decided not to go back to him.

My present dental hygienist just cleans my teeth and provides no erotic delights.

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